Khóa Cửa Vân Tay HomeProSec HPSFPC3325D

– Mở bằng Vân tay (100 vân tay) – Mở bằng Thẻ IC card (100 thẻ card) – Mở bằng mật mã 6 ký tự (100 user) – Mở bằng Chìa cơ dự phòng khi hết pin. – Dùng cho cửa gỗ, cửa kính nhôm, cửa thép ,v..v – Thiết kế kim loại sang trọng – Pin dùng mở khóa khoảng 5000-6000 lần – Kích thước: 335*71*80mm – Dùng cho cửa phòng nhà phố, biệt thự, phòng riêng văn phòng
4,700,000 đ
Số Lượng

Model Number:HPSFPC3325D

Material:304 Stainless Steel

Color:Silver; red bronze; black

Card type:Card ; keypad; Fingerprint; Mechanical key

Door thickness:40~120mm

Certification:CE; ROHS;FCC

Application:office, home, villa, apartment, etc

Suitable for:wooden, metal doors

Net weight:4.5 kgs

Power supply:4pcs AA batteries, can have standby power box

Working temperature:-28~+55 °C

4 in 1 High-end Fingerprint Door Lock with Anti-thief Mortise Series


Product Application

Fingerprint door opening method is by RFID card, mechanical key, keypad and fingerprint. It has an advanced security guarantee for anti-theft eyes. The product is beautiful in appearance, powerful in function, moderate in price and widely used in the world market. Use our locks to protect your safety with our locks!

Main Features

1. Feature: Delicate appearance design, Reasonable structure, Secure Fringerprint card lock.

2. Applications: Government, Police station, Army, Bank, Hospital, Office building, Residential area, etc.

3. We adopt the international advanced biotechnology to ensure its high quality;

4. 4 pieces of AA batteries; handles can prevent the wreaking havoc.

5. Opening patterns: RFID card, mechanical key, keypad and fingerprint.

Standard Anti-thief Lock Mortise

1. Strong metal material

2. Robust

3. High quality anti-theft lock

4. High level of safety

5. Can upgrade to strongest lock mortise type

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